Projects and Resources

FIT are key collaborators on a number of exciting projects that are bringing digital skills to a broader and more inclusive audience. Whether you’re taking your first steps to getting online or building on tech talent for the future of work, explore the range of projects below.

Women Choose Tech

Designed to increase female participation as ICT specialists in the Irish tech sector, ‘Women Choose Tech’ was set up by FIT in 2021 to attain 33% female participation in tech apprenticeships by 2022, one positive step to help contribute to an improved gender balance in the ICT specialist workforce. 

Choose Tech

The ‘Choose Tech’ programme, supported by Salesforce, seeks to engage young people (15-20yr olds) into the exciting world of tech at an earlier stage. The programme aims to inspire young people to learn new and develop existing skills and to provide support & information around the pathways available to a tech career including pre-tech & tech apprenticeships.


M4CPD is an innovative project lead by KWETB working in partnership with DDLETB and FIT and funded by SOLAS with the specific aim to inform and assist the advanced manufacturing sectors of the Irish economy to gear-up its workforce and entrants for tomorrows workplace to work alongside advanced connected technologies and automation. 


#Futures is FIT’s highly successful skills initiative that targets the digital employability of disadvantaged youth.  The clear objective of the programmes is to ensure that young people with a life-time of potential are engaged, encouraged and guided towards the employment opportunities in our growing economy.

Getting Citizens Online

Almost one in six Irish adults has never used the internet. Getting Citizens Online Programme is focused on encouraging and empowering citizens to participate fully in Ireland’s digital economy and society.

Get Youth into IT (GYIT)

Get Youth into IT (GYIT) is an initiative funded under and administered by the EU Erasmus+ Programme.

Healthcare English Language Programme (HELP)

HELP is a media supported English language training programme and associated resources for healthcare professionals for whom English is not a first language.

Pathways for Employ

Would you like your IT skills and qualifications recognised with an Open Badge? Open Badges recognise formal and informal education and experience, and are completely free.

Youth Employ

The Youth Employ project is to develop a structured Internship Programme to aid the professionalisation of skilled and unemployed young people with the aim of securing employment, whilst reducing the administration and organisational burden on the employer.