Get Youth into IT (GYIT)

Get Youth into IT (GYIT) is an initiative funded under and administered by the EU Erasmus+ Programme. It has been well documented that Europe is currently experiencing an IT skills shortage amongst its workforce, with an estimated 900,000 IT jobs going unfilled by 2020. Both local and multinational IT companies all over the EU are struggling to recruit for roles in all areas of their operations.

At the same time, youth unemployment remains a big issue in Europe, having worsened during the most recent economic crises. Despite the opportunities presented by the IT industry, school going young people continue to overlook IT as a viable career option. GYIT aims to tackle this problem by making IT attractive, attainable, rewarding and fulfilling for young people who are beginning to consider their future career.

This project is to encourage and anchor the interest of students in IT from an early age (15-19). To guide them towards a very sustainable, achievable and rewarding career in IT.

GYIT will assist young people acquire new digital skills which they can use in education, employment or their interests / hobbies. This will ultimately inspire the next generation of work force to pursue and IT career thereby contributing to the narrowing of the IT skills gap in Europe.

These will be achieved through the development of the following resources below:

IT Taster Course

This is to introduce children in education to IT in a practical, fun and engaging way. It is made up of a number of modules, each covering a specific area of IT. They will include information on the topic itself and practical exercises as well as career advice and industry contact to further encourage their interest in IT as a career option.

Follow on Pack

Once the IT Taster Course has been completed and an interest in IT has been acquired, the Follow on Pack will help the children to maintain and grow their interest, knowledge and skills. It is made up of resources, online courses, MOOCs and websites that the young school goer can access to gain more information about IT and further facilitate their entry into an IT career.

Career Guidance Pack

This will include guidance material on all IT courses in all disciplines and at all levels available in each country and how to apply for courses, eligibility criteria etc. This is to facilitate and support the transition of the young person from school to the next phase of their IT training and ultimately, their IT career.