Youth Employ

The Youth Employ project is to develop a structured Internship Programme to aid the professionalisation of skilled and unemployed young people with the aim of securing employment, whilst reducing the administration and organisational burden on the employer.

The Youth Employ Framework is a cloud-based platform which will host a ‘Learning Agenda’. The project provides structured and supervised approach and is based on the intern’s self-reflection and employer’s feedback, guidance and advice to assist with the intern’s personal and professional development. It also includes a toolkit of supports which will be available to all interns to help support their journey to future employment.

Upon completion, the intern will receive a Youth Employ Pass, which is a structured comprehensive reference completed by the employer. It will identify the intern’s strengths and key competencies demonstrated during the internship.

The aims of the Youth Employ project are:

  • Overcome difficulties that new entrants to the labour market, especially young people, face in competing in the labour market, securing stable employment, commencing career paths, thereby achieving autonomy and full participation in society
  • Reduce the administration burden on the employer by providing a pre-designing ‘Learning Agenda’ for the intern and a ‘Feedback Forum’ for the employer to populate
  • Encourage the professionalisation of the unemployed youth who have the skills and training but lack practical experience
  • Validation of the transition from education to employment through structured, supervised interventions facilitating real-time application of learning e.g. internships
  • Forge and strengthen links between VET education and industry by improving the relevance of education provision.