Women Choose Tech

We all know that women are under-represented in the technology sector directly or in ICT roles in other industries. Increasing participation of women in technology roles will guarantee an adequate pool of talent, whilst fostering innovation and greater connection with female consumers and the best ways to communicate with them.

‘Women choose tech’ was set up by FIT in 2021 to attain 33% female participation in tech apprenticeships by 2022, and to complement and enhance many employers current suite of diverse initiatives already in place. While much has been achieved and many milestones reached, FIT continues its commitment to gender diversity and is working toward its vision of TECH 50:50 by 2025.

Hear from Antonela Mrkalj, and her experience as a FIT Tech Apprentice

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What it involves:

Employers: How to get involved

Hire a female
tech apprentice

  • Widen access to highly motivated tech enthusiasts with bespoke skills
  • Grow tech-savvy teams efficiently
  • Bring fresh thinking and energy to new technologies and product development
  • Add more resources to your team so experienced staff can do what they do best
hire a female apprentice

Recruit a newly qualified
female tech apprentice

Newly qualified female apprentices are coming on stream all the time. Get in touch if your organisation is interested in considering a candidate in your selection process.

"Neueda are delighted to participate in the FIT apprenticeship program. It is very important to us to invest in local talent, recruit in the Midlands region and to ensure a gender diverse workplace. The FIT apprenticeship gave us the opportunity to do this. We are extremely happy with the apprentices and the onsite training give them a super opportunity to grow into important members of our team. They have all integrated extremely well and we look forward to what the future holds for them in Neueda."
Managing Director at Neueda Technologies Ireland
Paul Madden
Managing Director, Neueda Technologies

Females in tech: How to get involved

Be the inspiration for other females by sharing your journey to a tech career​

200+ words

Tell us your

Every women has a different career journey and we want to hear yours. Help inspire other women by sharing your story about your route to a tech career.


2 min video

Create a video resource

Are you a Tech Apprentice or currently working in Tech? We want to hear about your positive experience in tech in order to help other women make that step. Share your story to let other females know the opportunities and benefits available with a tech career.

5 mins

Help us spread the word

Download and share our graphic on your own social channels to encourage others to join our mission. Tag us @fastrackintoit and use the hashtags #womenchoosetech #fastrackintoit

Are you interested in a career in tech?

Learn more about a tech apprenticeship

Watch this 3 minute video for more information.

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Appentice Testimonials

Video Testimonial

Hear from Emma Creevy and her experience as a Tech Apprentice

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Check out our all female Tech Apprenticeship

An exciting two-year programme that enables women to carve out a career in tech

“Minimum two years’ experience required” for a job as a developer is something you see quite a lot. With a Tech Apprenticeship, I was able to get that experience without having going back to college.
Software Developer Apprentice, Multinational professional services company