Who we are

Group of schoolkids and teachers at a FIT presentation about Apprenticeships

Who we are

Established in 1999, FIT is dedicated to addressing the skills requirements of Ireland’s increasingly digitalised economy. Promoting inclusion and diversity FIT consistently demonstrates that wider access to tech skills training leads to exciting career paths and quality employment opportunities for all those who have a curiosity and passion for technology.

Growing Ireland's tech talent pipeline

FIT (Fastrack into Information Technology) is a representative organisation of the technology sector committed to growing Ireland’s tech talent pipeline.  Working in close collaboration with national education and training provision, national and regional development agencies and community organisations, FIT’s mission is to promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating routes to marketable technical skills for job seekers and career changers wishing to pursue quality professions in Ireland’s thriving digital economy.

Through regular skills needs analysis with its industry partners, FIT determines the impact and skills employment opportunities arising from emerging technology trends and designs training programmes that enable a broad and diverse cohort of people to acquire in-demand tech skills. Designed for Further Education Training (FET) provision these programmes are delivered with the support and collaboration of Education and Training Boards (ETBs)  nationally. FIT tech programmes, while responsive to industry demands, are built in accordance with the requirements and standards of the National Qualifications Framework.

In total over 30,000 job seekers have completed FIT skills development programmes to date, of which in excess of 22,000 have secured quality employment.

National Coordinator ICT Tech Apprenticeships at NFQ Level 6

FIT is the National Coordinator ICT Tech Apprenticeships at NFQ Level 6 and is delivering three apprenticeships programmes in Network Engineering, Software Development and Cybersecurity with a fourth in Cloud Computing currently in development. 

The adoption of the Tech Apprenticeship programme by industry has been quite phenomenal and we envisage 500 Tech Apprentices this year, rising to 3,000 by 2023. Already some 150+ Corporates, SME’s and Government Departments have availed of this new tech talent pipeline.