Pre-Tech Apprenticeships

New Pre-Tech Apprenticeships aim to attract and grow the talent pipeline by providing skills sampling in Software Development, Network Engineering and Cyber Security.

Pre-Tech Apprenticeships

Pre-Tech Apprenticeships aim to prepare more people to the Tech Apprenticeship route to careers in IT by showcasing tech roles and providing skills sampling in growth areas such as Software Development, Computer Networking and Cybersecurity.

Helping more people discover and develop their talents through tech training

This Pre-Tech Apprenticeship programme is aimed at candidates who wish to pursue a Tech Apprenticeship but are unsure of which programme to choose or who may not currently satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Guiding people to find opportunity through the acquisition of tech skills is at the heart of our mission and we believe Pre-Tech Apprenticeships will greatly improve access to high-quality apprenticeship programmes and the thriving IT careers that follow. 

Pre-Tech Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to:

  • Lay the foundations of your career in tech.
  • Determine if the programme is for you and which stream is your preferred option; Software Development, Computer Networking or Cybersecurity.
  • Engage in practical assignments that focus on both your technical skills and professional development.
  • Enhance your employability in the tech sector.
  • Provide you with greater insight of what is required to successfully complete a Tech Apprenticeship.
  • Enhance your prospects of securing a position on a Tech Apprenticeship programme.
“FIT, with the support of a grant from, for its part developed and piloted a Pre-Tech Apprenticeship model in 2019 to address inclusion and widen access to Tech Apprenticeships. The support of Salesforce is hugely valued in bringing this pathway to fruition, we are grateful to them for continuing to share our vision and assist us in advancing our overall mission”.

Leading to three distinct career paths

The Tech Apprenticeship programme currently offers 3 distinct career paths, with more to follow. Upon successful completion of a programme the apprentice attains a QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Computer Networking, Software Development, or Cybersecurity as applicable.

Computer Networking

NFQ Level 6

Software Development

NFQ Level 6


NFQ Level 6

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