First Steps to a Tech Career

1. Possible Pathways to a Tech Career

The links noted below aim to foster curiosity for a future career in Tech. A Tech Apprenticeship road map is included, with details of an innovative initiative (Choose Tech) that enables access to fundamental level micro-credentials. A video link for Choose Tech is also available. Choose Tech can be completed by students during Transition Year.

Choose Tech Road Map

10 Great Reasons to Choose a Tech Career

2. Supports for Your Journey into a Tech Career

The links noted below aim to enable students to begin their journey to a Tech career while in Transition Year. The Stepin2Tech initiative provides access to digital badges that introduce and hone digital skills, while the associated links provide detail on effective presentation, interview preparation, and CV development. Some material is also provided to enable the development of a professional profile.                                       


Intro to Pre-Tech Apprenticeship

CV Preparation Guide

Interview Skills Guide

Promoting Your Brand

Online Etiquette

3. Become a Tech Apprentice

The links noted below aim to provide the pertinent information to make an informed decision on the choice of Tech Apprenticeship. The Tech Apprenticeship brochure is included with aligned video animation. Also, some testimonials are included. 

Tech Apprenticeship Brochure

Tech Apprenticeship Explainer

Written Testimonials