Tech Apprenticeships get financial incentive from Government

As part of the Government’s €5 billion package to reboot the economy, employers will receive an incentive to take on apprentices, including Tech Apprentices. This is welcome news for our Tech Apprenticeship employers who will be eligible to receive an incentive of €3,000 to take on new apprentices as part of the Government’s July Stimulus package to get Ireland back on its feet again.

The scheme will provide a €2,000 payment to support employers to take on new apprentices in 2020 and a further €1,000 in the second year of their apprenticeship. The Tech Apprenticeship is a two-year programme focusing on one of three core streams; software development, cybersecurity and network engineering giving employers the opportunity to diversify their intake and get access to untapped tech talent. 

Thanks to our current Tech Apprentice Employers who have incorporated tech apprentices from one of our core streams into their organisation. We welcome discussions with any companies who would like to hear about how a Tech Apprentice could benefit to your company.


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FIT is an industry-led initiative which works to promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating a fast track to marketable technical skills for those at risk of long term unemployment.

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