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Cavan Training Skills to Compete - Payroll - Manual and Computerised

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Course Code:
QQI - Level 5

Course Aim

Individuals will learn how to maintain both a manual/computerised payroll system and the importance of paying employees the correct wage in a timely fashion and the impact of changes in tax legislation for the employee as part of the payroll function.
Participants will also learn how operate both a manual book-keeping system from source documents up to trial balance and to use a computerised accounts system incorporating Debtors, Creditors, Nominal Ledger and Financial Reporting systems.
Employment Statement
Individuals may which to seek employment or self-employment in different business contexts. These roles could include Office Administrator, Accounts Clerk, Payroll Clerk or Bookkeeper.



Learners will study the following modules from the Business Administration Skills 5N1610 Major Award · Payroll – Manual and Computerised – 5N1546 · Bookkeeping – Manual and Computerised – 5N1354 · Spreadsheet Methods – 5N1977 · Work Experience – 5N1356


Education: Applicants should have a standard of knowledge, skill and competence equivalent to NFQ Level 4 when accessing a Level 5 programme. Applicants may have participated in primary and secondary education although no formal qualifications are required.
Aptitude: Applicants must have a motivation to learn, an interest in the subject and the ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies set out in the course.
Previous Experience: Applicants must be able to demonstrate a moderate range of knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the course, be able to work with responsibility and demonstrate the ability to work on their own initiative.

Additional Information:

Course Content: Business Administration Business Administration Skills (5N1610) QQI Payroll Manual And Computerised Payroll Manual & Computerised (5N1546) QQI FURTHER DETAILS This course is full time and funded. Individuals must pass an interview to be accepted onto this course. Following from this course many individuals choose to complete courses in Office Administration, MOS, ECDL or Accounts Technician. Individuals should have strong mathematical skills.

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