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Blackrock Further Education Institute Computer Networks and Cyber Security

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Course Code:
QQI - Level 5

Course Aim

The Computer Networks and Cyber Security course in BFEI will teach you how to build and configure computer networks, you will also acquire the skills to identify security threats and deploy appropriate mitigation strategies. QQI (Computer Systems and Networks certificate):
Computer Systems Hardware. Understand, build and maintain computer systems.
Operating Systems. Install, configure, utilise and maintain computer operating systems.
Networking Essentials. Support the operation of typical computer networks. Implement and maintain common network configurations.
Distributed Sytems. Learn the fundamentals of distributed systems and how they can be deployed.
Virtualisation. Participate in the implementation and maintenance of a virtualised computers and networks.
Maths. Apply a range of mathematical skills and tools related to working with computer systems and networks.
Communications. Acquire the competence to communicate verbally and non-verbally in standard everyday tasks and in work-related tasks.
Work Experience. Participate in a workplace for a minimum of two weeks, carrying out work-related tasks independently and while under general direction.

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