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What is ICT Associate Professional?

ICT Associate Professional is a new dual-education programme, designed to provide the ICT industry with candidates with in-demand technology skills


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FIT has been charged by government and the tech sector with the implementation of ICT Associate Professional (ICT AP) – a new dual education format, designed to provide the ICT industry with candidates with in-demand technology skills in a timely fashion.

International experience indicates that hiring ICT apprentices can help businesses build a skilled and motivated workforce in a cost effective manner. Equally important, employers of all sizes can get access to highly motivated tech enthusiasts who attain bespoke skills which enable them to be highly productive and to “hit the ground running” in a relatively short period of time.

Skills demand in technology companies is a global issue. With the phenomenal growth in the sector, all jurisdictions are competing for tech talent. Ireland has turned this global demand for skills into a competitive advantage.

The recently published FIT ICT Skills Audit 2014 identified in excess of 7000 current vacancies in the tech sector in Ireland, of which 75% are at competent and entry levels and which can be satisfied by training programmes at levels 5/6 on the National Framework of Qualifications. The tech companies who participated in the survey ranged from major multi-nationals to indigenous SMEs representing in excess of 30% of those employed in the sector. All of the companies who participated stressed the importance of ready access to a tech talent pipeline to grow their business and productivity as the economy grows. 84% of those surveyed welcome the introduction of FIT ICT Associate Professional as a complementary stream for growing tech talent required by industry.

The ICT Associate Professional Model

FIT ICT Associate Professional is “learning by doing” format of ICT skills development which has been endorsed by the industry and government. This model of provision is a two year programme during which candidates who are competent tech enthusiasts attain a Level 6 ICT and Professional Development Award and are bestowed the title of FIT ICT Associate Professional by the industry on effectively demonstrating the application of skills in the working environment.

The first six months are college based where candidates will acquire the technical acumen. The remaining 18 months are a combination of workplace application and college based earning where candidates will further their training and apply their skills and learning to live projects and tasks within their sponsoring company. An ICT Associate Professional works for you while learning the skills they need to become a valuable team member. They attain high level tech skills in disciplines specific to your requirements and in a manner that ensures standards of excellence that contribute to performance and productivity to meet your business needs.

The overarching pillars of ICT AP are Software Development and Systems & Networks.

Industry Endorsement & Participation

Companies such as Accenture, AOL, AQMetrics, Cork Internet Exchange, Fujitsu, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Stanley Security and Version 1, to name a few, have already embraced the initiative, viewing it as a practical pathway to acquiring in–demand tech skills.

This is a great opportunity to tap into a valuable ICT Talent Pipeline which will enable you to achieve a motivated, skilled and committed workforce in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The ICTAP programme is being rolled out in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Athlone and Monaghan and we are actively engaging with employers to participate on the programme.

Next Steps..

To find out more about getting involved or to arrange a meeting with a member of the FIT team, please contact ICTAP on or by phone on 01 8825570.


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