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Project aim

The aim of the ePathways project is to support personalised and professional training pathways for VET teachers through development of innovative and ICT based CPD tools and materials mainly in the format of e-Portfolios. The project will also provide organisation wide CPD approach aimed at VET Education Providers across EU to guide them into the proved and effective CPD strategy for VET teachers.


Project objectives

  • Identify good practice in the delivery of CPD and the use of e-Portfolios by Education Providers and teachers across EU and transfer it to the VET sector in Ireland
  • Develop a CPD Policy for City of Dublin ETB and a Model for VET schools that will guide VET organisations in implementing innovative and ICT based CPD strategies for VET teachers
  • Develop CPD materials for VET teachers based on the knowledge and experiences of project partners
  • Select and develop a professional CPD e-Portfolio application for VET teachers in CDETB Colleges
  • Test the CPD materials and e-Portfolio application with VET teachers in Ireland
  • Foster the use of innovative learning approaches in the delivery of CPD programmes for VET teachers
  • Disseminate project outcomes across Europe.


Project Partners

  • Fast Track to Information Technology (Ireland)
  • City College Norwich (UK)
  • Norfolk Educational Services (UK)
  • City of Dublin Education and Training Board (Ireland)
  • H2 Learning (Ireland)
  • Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
  • Koning Willem I College (Netherlands)
  • Association of Teachers’ Education Centres (Ireland)
  • Education and Training Boards Ireland
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