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Healthcare English Language Programme (HELP)

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 Healthcare English Language Programme (HELP)

Following a 2 year period of research and development the HELP products are now available!

20 modules in total have been produced covering several medical related topics, focusing on improving the communication skills of migrant healthcare workers. Also included are 5 modules which address the area of intercultural issues faced by many migrant workers. The modules are available on the HELP platform and contain multimedia resources such as video and audio clips (with optional subtitles) to ensure all aspects of language learning are catered for. The modules can be accessed online or can be downloaded.

To access the resources, please visit:

The HELP app is available on Google Play store and is free to download.

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The quality of medical and healthcare services is highly dependent on the communication skills of the professionals delivering those services. The HELP project will contribute to the improvement

and advancement of these skills by producing a media supported English language training programme and associated resources for healthcare professionals for whom English is not a first language. These resources will be based on CEFR standards (levels B1/B2) and designed to satisfy the demand for all levels and forms of English language learning e.g. learner-centred, formal or informal. The resources will take various forms e.g. online, mobile devices enabled and paper format, and will be free to use. They will also address the development of intercultural competences for the purposes of training and learning in the workplace.

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