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Getting Youth into Information Technology (GYIT)



This project is to encourage and anchor the interest of students in IT from an early age (15-19). To guide them towards a very sustainable, achievable and rewarding career in IT.

GYIT will assist young people acquire new digital skills which they can use in education, employment or their interests / hobbies. This will ultimately inspire the next generation of work force to pursue and IT career thereby contributing to the narrowing of the IT skills gap in Europe.

These will be achieved through the development of the following resources

IT Taster Course – The curriculum will be based on the most in demand ICT skills as identified by the consortium. The course will focus on the practical application of IT skills and will be designed in a fun and engaging was so as to pique the long-term interest of the young people. This course will be delivered to secondary school age young people (15-18). Course material will come in the form of paper and online resources and will be accredited by Mozilla Open Badges (a form of digital recognition of learning) which can then be displayed digitally on LinkedIn profiles or listed on a CV or application form.

Follow on Pack – IT resources, links to online courses, MOOCs etc. to maintain the student’s interest in IT and build on the skills they will learn during the IT Taster course.

Career Guidance Pack, which will include guidance material on all IT courses in all disciplines and at all levels available in each country and how to apply for courses, eligibility criteria etc. This is to facilitate and support the transition of the young person from school to the next phase of their IT training and ultimately, their IT career.

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