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The “Explain – How to tell what you know well” project aims to develop a set of learning support tools to help learners to better explain what they learned while they participate to courses of any kind.

The set of tools is useful to teachers, students and parents, and covers 4 steps indispensable to guarantee an effective oral presentation:

Map you Knowledge 

It is a set of tools to strengthen learning and understanding of concepts.

It teaches how to use IT tools to collect, interpret, organise and assimilate more easily concepts and information, focussing in particular on mind and concept mapping as dynamic tools helpful to understanding.

It aims to overcome some typical learning difficulties caused by lack of self-confidence. In a few words: it fosters a meaningful learning.

Synthesize text

It is a set of tools to strengthen the capability of writing abstracts for presentations and exams.

To develop the capacity to make synthesis of concepts of the subject studied in order to organize them logically for an effective oral presentation.

Techniques are illustrated by examples of text analysis (grasp the basic concepts), summary of the text (to summarize the key points), the actual writing (structure text and speech), rhetoric (argue and support their thesis) and referencing (use and cite sources).

Handle numbers

It is a set of tools to strengthen the capability of handling numbers to be used for infographics.

The idea is to make “numbers” understandable, interesting and manageable even by students who think they are not good at math, by emphasizing the communication power numbers have if properly represented. Graphs and infographics are powerful tools, useful not only for the presentation of studies or research at school or university, but also in the professional field for the development and illustration of projects, products or services.

Speak easy

It is a set of tools to improve oral performance during exams and public presentations.

“Speasy” teaches how to communicate knowledge in an effective and creative way to improve performance during public speaking. Speasy will focus both on individual techniques to improve different aspects of communication and on how to reduce shyness and fear when facing an audience.


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