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Benefit 4


On 15th April 2013, BenefIT 4 was launched by Minister Pat Rabbitte. Tranche 6 is now available, deadline for submitting grant application under the scheme is 30th June 2016

BenefIT is a Government grant scheme providing funding to third sector organisations for the provision of digital literacy training. Under the scheme organisations or partnerships who can meet the requirements set out in the Guidelines for the Scheme and who can provide the stipulated training may apply for the grant. The successful grantees are awarded grants to deliver the stipulated training to the agreed number of trainees in the timeframe specified. Trainees complete a feedback form describing the training they received and their satisfaction with it.

The training consists of not less than 8 hours spanning several weeks and has two parts – a core curriculum as well as one subject selected by trainees from a menu of options.

BenefIT 4 Location Map

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