Marino College – Medical and Administration studies (Legal)

Post Leaving Certificate

QQI Code 5M1997 (Level 5)

Marino College

1 Year (Starts September)

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to help students to produce a highly creative and informed portfolio of graphic design work. Students will explore the practical and theoretical study of graphic design across a broad range of media, through project based work.

The course is aimed at providing a stepping stone for students who wish to progress to third level education in the area of art and design or who wish to directly pursue a career in the area of graphic design.


  • Medical terminalogy
  • Audio Transciption
  • Work experience
  • Word processing
  • Text production
  • Information and Administration
  • Communications
  • Spreadsheet Methods
  • Legal practise and procedure
  • Digital Marketing 


This is a PLC course and college fees apply for this course however if you are in receipt of a social welfare payment you may be eligible for a fee reduction. You may also be eligible to avail of a Back to Education Allowance (BTEA). The BTEA is an educational opportunities scheme for persons in receipt of certain social welfare payments and who wish to pursue an approved full-time second or third level course of education in an approved college leading to a recognised qualification