Manufacturing & Pneumatics Technician Programme

Manufacturing & Pneumatics Technician Programme Level 6

NNFQ Level 6


48 Weeks

Course Aims

The programme is designed to position female and male candidates to pursue a challenging and rewarding career in the exciting role of manufacturing process support in a wide variety of settings. These roles encompass electrical, programmable logic controllers, pneumatic systems. Candidates who successfully complete this programme should be seen in the context of members of a multidisciplinary team of professionals including mechanical and electrical engineers, electricians, supervisors, safety professionals and manufacturing representatives. This programme aims to develop the candidates’ technical acumen and personal effectiveness, project management and employability skills so as to maximise their potential for employment.


  • QQI 5N18396 Maths for Information Technology 
  • QQI 6N2049 Electrical Principles 
  • QQI 6N1950 Communications
  • QQI 6N5370 Programmable Logic Controllers 
  • QQI 6N5375 Industrial Pneumatic Systems (IPS) 
  • QQI 6N5369 Preventative Maintenance 
  • QQI 6N5377 Industrial Electrical Systems 
  • QQI 6N1946 Work Experience