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 To date over 12,000 graduates of FIT programmes have taken up employment opportunities within the Tech Sector in Ireland. 

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Intel has been working with FIT and KWETB since 2015 to develop a training initiative that will skill people for Ireland’s growing advanced manufacturing sector. Considering the importance of this sector and indeed the opportunity that it holds, the collaboration with FIT and KWETB has been for us an excellent example of how industry and education and training can work together to shape the provision of future skills and ensure their relevancy to industry. The flexible, practical and dynamic nature of the Manufacturing Maintenance Technician programme has been very positive for Intel and for the participants and we have been very impressed by the standard of skills and work readiness of the graduating students. Sarah Sexton, Communications Manager, Intel

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"I have found the FIT ICT Associate Professional Programme to be one of the most beneficial endeavours in the development of engineers to date. We have the combination of practical classroom instruction with on the job learning. The outcome is well rounded engineers, with development in our culture and knowledge of our systems with relevant certifications applicable to the industry. Apprenticeships are common in Europe and it is great to see these reintroduced, developed and promoted in Ireland, especially in ICT. It is win win all around’." Chris Casey, Services Director, PFH

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“The traditional path of going from the Leaving Certificate into four or more
years of university, and then looking for a job, does not suit everyone. We must
create multiple pathways to ICT careers that are attractive to a broader range of
people. I’m delighted that IBM is one of several companies hosting participants in
the pilot of the new ICT Associate Professional programme.”

Peter O’Neill, Managing Director IBM Ireland,

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“The industry-led Board of FIT has developed and is introducing the ICT Associate
Professional programme - an innovative 2 year dual education route into the ICT
industry through which participants acquire academic knowledge aligned to a
Level 6 qualification along with critical applied learning in the workplace. FIT is
implementing this new initiative over with the collaboration and support of
industry, government, SOLAS, Education and Training Boards, ETBI and ICT
Ireland. SAP is delighted to be a ‘champion’ – and an inaugural sponsor of
candidates on this ground-breaking initiative.”

Liam Ryan, Managing Director – SAP SSC (Ireland) Ltd & FIT Board Member,

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“Alternative routes into the sector are also needed, such as the proposed
Associate Professional Programme which modernises the apprenticeship model
for the digital age. This is a very exciting new initiative with serious potential to
secure Ireland’s reputation in the tech space.”

Paul Sweetman, Director, ICT Ireland & the ISA, Ibec & FIT Board Member,