Course Testimonials

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Sorcha McDonagh, Momentum Software Development profile pic

'Doing the FIT Momentum Course was a great experience for me. Not only the course itself but the additional elements to it like the Personal Development and Interview Skills along with the best ways on how to approach looking for work. I would highly recommend this course to people who are genuinely interested in improving themselves.' Sorcha McDonagh, Momentum Software Development,

Colin Kerins, Momentum Software Development & Testing profile pic

"Completing this FIT course was a life changing opportunity for me. It helped me to restore confidence in myself, and to realise that a career in I.T is a very attainable achievement, if I am willing to work for it. I'm now currently working, and have nothing but praise for FIT courses, the support staff and their dedication to you." Colin Kerins, Momentum Software Development & Testing,

Jakub Bogusz, Stanley Security Systems profile pic

“Thanks to FIT programme I finished course in Griffith College. I also had a chance to have an internship in Stanley Security, where, after my internship I was hired as a IT Administrator. For few years I was trying to find a job in IT, but only thanks to FIT programme I was able to get necessary experience and find a job”. Jakub Bogusz, Stanley Security Systems,

Robert Blay, Tekenable profile pic

“As a result of attending and graduating from the FIT/Momentum Software Development & Testing with Project Management programme, I am now in full time employment doing the job I had pursued for a number of years after being unemployed for quite some time. On a personal level, I had sat other courses prior to the FIT course but had not experienced the professionalism, understanding, effort and hard work the FIT staff put in to each and every student. The content of the course was delivered by the College of Computer Training who in turn were brilliant through their training and tutoring. As a former student of FIT, I would highly recommend any of their courses to people looking to gain entry to the IT sector as their commitment to the students during and after the course is unrivalled. Thanks to them I am happily employed, feel great about myself again and have made new friends with my fellow past students”. Robert Blay, Tekenable,

Finbarr Coveney, Project Manager, Target Integration profile pic

"After deciding to swap my degree in DCU for more informative and direct learning, I was directed to the course that FIT provided called "Systems & Principals including software development and Project management " although the course was short (6 months) it was one of the best choices I had made in my career so far. The course covered every possible angle of project management and also some intense software development and testing principals. From the course I have successfully worked as an intern for 3 months and upon completion was employed full time as project manager for the company. To say I am happy is an understatement" Finbarr Coveney, Project Manager, Target Integration,

Stiofáin MacGiollaGheimhridh, Microsoft Datacentre profile pic

"After being out of the IT environment for a number of years I wished to return to work in this area. I found that the FIT Momentum course offered in Vitualisation and Cloud Computing gave me an up-to-date qualification in a short period of time and with the assistance of the FIT employment assistance gave me access to employers I wouldn't normally have had access to. In a short period of time after finishing the FIT Momentum course I was offered a full time IT position within Microsoft, a position I don't feel I would have been offered without the successful completion of the Momentum course and the assistance of FIT.” Stiofáin MacGiollaGheimhridh, Microsoft Datacentre,

Andrew Plant, Technician at Northwood Technologies profile pic

"After 12 months of unemployment, FIT provided me with training in the IT sector which in turn lead work placement and eventually to full time employment in the IT security industry. I am very grateful for the time and effort that FIT put into helping me get back on my feet again." Andrew Plant, Technician at Northwood Technologies,

John Cafferty, Contractor with HP profile pic

“As a student of the FIT/Momentum Sharepoint, Network and Server Management programme, I was very happy with the course overall as it got me out of the house every day. It was a challenge. Everyone in FIT was very professional, friendly and accommodating”. John Cafferty, Contractor with HP,

John Byrne, Support Engineer, Timepoint profile pic

"I had always had an interest in software development and I was lucky to secure a place on the FIT Software Development and Testing with Project Management course. The course had an equal balance of both practical and theory coursework. The lecturers were very supportive right through the course. I completed the coursework and secured a work placement along with 2 others from the course, we worked in a software development company. The work placement was invaluable and gave me more confidence to pursue a role in the IT sector. Shortly after finishing the FIT programme and work placement I secured a job in a well established and successful company. The job is fast paced and challenging but also very rewarding. I am also going back to college by night in order to pursue my studies in Computer Science. I would highly recommend anyone interested in IT to take up the course even as a stepping stone to further education." John Byrne, Support Engineer, Timepoint,