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City and Guilds - L2

Course Aim

This programme is aimed at assisting candidates wishing to pursue a Tech Apprenticeship programme to determine their level of interest and suitability and to decide whether the Network Engineer, Software Developer or Cybersecurity discipline is their preferred Apprenticeship option by which to pursue a career in the tech sector.


  • C&G – Software Development Fundamentals -Software Development Fundamentals (7540-620)
  • C&G – Creative Problem Solving – Creative Problem Solving (7540-388)
  • C&G – Introduction to Networks- Introduction to Networks (7540-645)
  • C&G – Maintaining ICT Equipment and Systems -Maintain ICT Equipment & Systems 3 (7540-328)
  • Software Testing Overview (FIT)
  • Principles of ICT Systems & Data Security Overview (FIT)
  • Personal & Professional Development Overview (FIT)
  • Appreciation of Project Management (FIT)
  • Preparation for Work/Employability Skills Overview (FIT)
  • Career Guidance & Assessment Overview (FIT)


Providing skills sampling in Network Engineer, Software Development, Security, Project Management & Employability Skills in preparation for successful progression and participation on a Tech Apprenticeship. The programme is a composite of City & Guilds (C&G) modules, practical assignments combined with professional development, project management and employability skills. The C&G modules are constituent elements of technical qualifications that are comparable to level 5 major awards placed on the National Framework of Qualifications. Successful completion of this Pre-Tech Apprenticeship programme will fulfil the eligibility criteria necessary to progress to a Tech Apprenticeship.


Education: Must have a Junior Certificate or equivalent
Aptitude: Learner Aptitude: • Must be numerate and literate, with good learning skills. • Demonstrate interest in technology and customer service. • Be motivated and enthusiastic. • Possess good communication skills, pleasant personality, be determined to succeed and good interpersonal skills. • Be a team player, adaptable and flexible.
Previous Experience: N/A

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