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The original focus of the FIT Initiative was ICT skills and further growth in this sector is predicted in an International Data Corporation study which forecasts that the IT industry will create 5.8 million new jobs and more than 75,000 new businesses over the next four years – three times the rate of employment in other industries. Building on its success FIT has broadened its remit in recent years to promote training in technologies required in the emerging Smart Economy. These areas include green energy technologies, mobile technologies, cloud computing, big data and medical devices technologies.

Green Economy as Opportunity

The green economy, must be seen as an area of opportunity for the thousands of out-of-work people, from electrical and plumbing to engineers and architects. Everything from the smart grid and smart metering in homes, installation of fuseboards, RFID tagging and Near Area Networks (NAN’s) and work around the area of renewable energy sources will lead to growth in many different sectors.

The Government Strategy “Building Ireland’s Smart Economy – A Framework for Sustainable Economic Renewal” published in 2008 states that “The Smart Economy is a ‘Green Economy’ in that it recognises the inter-related challenges of climate change and energy security.” FIT aims to meet the requirements for new skills and competencies in the “Green Economy” not only in urban centres but also in rural where a lot of this technology will be located.

Ireland has a great resource in its wind and coastal areas. FIT recently ran a Wind Turbine maintenance course with the support of Laois partnership company which achieved a placement rate of 86%.


Ireland is viewed as an ideal location for cloud computing which is a rapidly growing area of interest to multinationals and smaller industries alike. The prospect is also good for more higher skilled jobs in the development and maintenance of medical devices leveraging the existing expertise within the medical device manufacturing sector.

FIT has initially focused attention on exploiting opportunities in the rapidly expanding green economy particularly in the areas of wind energy, micro-hydro generation and smart grid technologies with the intention of upskilling jobseekers to work in these growing areas. FIT is also exploring upskilling opportunities in other promising Smart Economy sectors arising from the Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies.

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