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"FIT provided me the opportunity to realise my full potential via the ICT-AP program. ICT-AP offered me a gateway into the IT sector, allowing me to both study and gain valuable industry experience at the same time. In the past year I have learned so much in a Software Developer role that I never would have dreamed of getting if it wasn't for the help of FIT. I am really looking forward to continuing this apprenticeship and working in the industry for a long time." - Alex F, Software Dev

“Put simply, the ICTAP program has provided me with an unbelievable opportunity to pursue a career in Software Development. Learning essential skills in class and being able to implement those skills in my workplace during the 2 year course is a fantastic and highly beneficial format. It has given me a great platform to continue to build and improve upon.”  David M, Software Dev

“The reason why I applied for the ICT AP programme was that it offered both hands on work placement experience with technical acumen. Through FIT I was placed with Fujitsu and was successful in securing a place on the ICT AP Systems & Networks programme. Working with Fujitsu and going to college allows me to apply my technical skills in a real work life setting.”  - Shara O, Systems & Networks

"My experience on the FIT program has expanded my knowledge of the IT industry and given me the practical skills and confidence to take a position within a team working with a wide variety of computer languages." - Dominic CSoftware Dev

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Interested in starting a career in Ireland’s thriving tech sector? Why not consider entering via the apprenticeship route for practical experience and an opportunity to earn while you learn! Check out our candidate brochure for details on how to register

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"Redefining the concept of Hire Education"


Are you a Tech Enthusiast?

ICT Associate Professional is the new National Apprenticeship Programme for all tech enthusiasts wishing to pursue a career in Ireland’s buoyant technology sector. 

Over 12,000 jobs are currently available in tech – as highlighted by the recent FIT ICT Skills Audit.  75% of these roles can be facilitated through tech apprenticeship programmes, providing immediate employment opportunities for job seekers and students.

These companies are keen to recruit smart people with smart skills and this new Tech Apprenticeship will enable participants to ‘earn while they learn’ as participating companies sponsor participants from day one and throughout the programme.

Giving new meaning to the concept of ‘hire education!’ this Apprenticeship programme adopts a learning by doing format of ICT skills development, which has been championed by industry and is now incorporated as an integrated component of statutory provision.   Over a two year period the programme combines college-based learning with on-the-job application, culminating in the attainment of the ICT Associate Professional Apprenticeship Award.

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Tech Apprenticeship Structure

The first six months of the programme are intensive college-based learning where apprentices are equipped with the necessary technical acumen. The remaining 18 months are a combination of on-the-job experience supplemented with college-based instruction.

All training costs of the apprentices are covered by the State. FIT manages all aspects of the programme and coordinates employer input.

Participating companies pay candidates throughout the apprenticeship and facilitate the on-the- job learning, thereby enabling apprentices generate added value through honing their knowledge, skills and competencies in real-time while contributing to product development, technological advancement and talent development.

Apprentices employed under contract may generally receive remuneration to the value of €260 - €290 the first year and €340 - €385 p.w. in year two.

On successful completion of the programme qualified tech apprentices will typically progress into full-time positions within their sponsoring companies thereby enhancing the talent portfolio while increasing productivity and competitiveness in those enterprises.


Entry Requirements

FIT accepts a number of different entry routes to the ICT Associate Professional Apprentice Programmes depending on your own individual background. Applicants must be 18 years or older with the eligibility to work and live in Ireland. FIT warmly welcome applications from all genders, and from candidates who may have a physical or hidden disability. The following stipulations will apply to the screening of your application:

Knowledge, Skill and Personal Competence (upon application)

Candidates must be numerate and literate with the capacity to learn new skills and absorb varied product knowledge. In addition, candidates must demonstrate a capacity to work as a member of a team and display a capacity to clearly communicate with others. Each candidate must demonstrate a level of personal motivation and a clear desire to work in the field of ICT.

Secondary School Leavers (Republic of Ireland)

Candidates should have completed a Leaving Certificate with pass grades in at least five Ordinary level subjects (including Maths and English).

School Leavers (Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom)

Candidates should have completed a level of second-level education equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate. This may be composed of the attainment of ‘A Levels’ subject based qualification (General Certificate of Education).

Recognition of Prior Learning

Candidates who wish to apply for entry, and who do not satisfy any of the standard entry requirements are advised; that an evidenced and justifiable rationale will have to be provided for consideration to be entered into the selection process. This will include the submission of a detailed synopsis of previous educational, life and/or work experiences. The FIT Registrar or delegate will review such cases with regard to the FIT Policy on Access, Transfer and Progression.

The Tech Sector Wants YOU!

People with tech skills are in demand not just in the IT sector – more and more jobs across industry require various levels of proficiency in IT.  A trend which is anticipated to grow as increasingly companies utilise technologies to manage their activities, market their products, communicate with their customers and increase productivity.  Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are creating daily, new industrial sectors, way beyond the prospects of driverless cars, delivery by drones etc., resulting in the creation of new roles, skill sets and career paths across all sectors of the economy, which are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

As part response to these current and emerging tech career opportunities, FIT was recently appointed Coordinating Provider by the national Apprenticeship Council for the delivery of two technology apprenticeships at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).  Built on a proto-type that was ‘road-tested’ with over 150 leading technology companies sponsoring 249 successful participants, the ICT Associate Professional Apprenticeship programme commencing in early 2018 facilitates two tracks of technology training nationwide, Software Developer or Network Engineer

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Industry Testimonials

‘Accenture has been working with the ‘FIT ICT Associate Professional’ programme since its inception in 2014. This demand led skilling programme focuses on providing ICT training opportunities for young people and has been hugely positive for participants and Accenture alike. The associates joining us through the programme have made a great impression on both Accenture & our clients. Having access to this programme has proven very beneficial for Accenture and the FIT candidates who have joined.’ (2016)

David Kirwan & Austin Boyle

Managing Directors, Accenture Ireland (2016)


‘I have found the FIT apprentice initiative to be one of the most beneficial endeavours in the development of engineers to date. We have the combination of practical classroom instruction with on the job learning. The outcome is well rounded engineers, with development in our culture and knowledge of our systems with relevant certifications applicable to the industry. Apprenticeships are common in Europe and it is great to see these reintroduced, developed and promoted in Ireland, especially in ICT. It is win win all around’.

Chris Casey, Services Director
PFH (2016)

”Opening an avenue into IT that does not require several years in third level education is making a career in IT an option for more and more people. It is also helping to broaden IT companies’ employee base and providing access to well-trained, practically minded people. The modules studied by the candidates reflect IT today and the flexibility shown by the FIT ICT AP Programme makes it an easy choice.”

— Helen Cole, Supervising Manager
Version One (2017)

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