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What are the campaigns main focuses?

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What are the campaigns main focuses?

The eSkills for Jobs campaign has several key areas that it is focusing on to highlight the skills gap issue and promote the ICT sector.

Youth – There is a focus on encouraging young people to consider a career in IT at the point where they are making decisions about their future.  FIT have recently introduced a new dual education initiative called the FIT ICT Associate Professional programme. The aim of the programme is to offer an alternative route into the ICT Industry other than a Computer Science Degree.  For more information check out our ICT AP page.      

The Unemployed – Europe has been experiencing a recession over the last number of years and yet there are a large number of job vacancies in the IT industry. FIT upskill the unemployed in the area of IT from basic IT courses to more advanced courses. We work with the ETBI (Education and Training Board Ireland) to run courses through different unemployment programmes. You can check out our range of courses here.

You will also find a job search facility on our website.  We have created our search engine in associate with indeed.  
Press the button to search for jobs.

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If you are at a point where you are considering making a career choice or if you are looking to change careers or update your current skills, published a list in January 2016 of the IT positions and skills Irish employers are currently trying to fill which may help you decide which direction to take. 

The following is taken from – January – 2016

software development : programming languages, technologies and frameworks (e.g. Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Summit, Objective C, J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate ORM, jQuery, AJAX, JSP, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby,.NET)

Cloud (e.g. SaaS, web service, API , REST, SOAP, backbone.js )

web/mobile content management – (e.g. Interactive visual, UX/UI Visual designer, Drupal, Joomla, AngularJsS , Sencha Touch, Magneto )

IT project management and business analysis testing and troubleshooting.

Databases/(e.g. NoSQL, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBMS DB2, Hadoop)

Also there is a need for specific product knowledge (e.g. SAP Crystal Reports, Lotus Domino, KANA, InelliPrint Analytics etc.)

IT security is also an area where employers need skills – as well as  technical support , networking and infrastructure

Enterprise and Policy Makers – eSkills is focused on engaging companies and policy makers in the process of encouraging youth and the unemployed to consider a career in IT going forward. FIT is an Industry led initiative, our board of directors include some of the largest IT companies in the world along with a number of SME’s (small and medium enterprises). FIT develop their curriculum by working with industry to ascertain where the gaps in the job market are. We develop a skills audit report based on our work with industry bi-annually.  You can find the most recent skills audit report here.

If you own a business or work in a business and you think you might like to work with FIT by adding your experiences to our skills audit, working with our students by giving them experience in your company, request candidates for jobs openings or offering your support in other ways please check out the employers section of our website.

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