Longford VTOS – Business Administration – Level 5


QQI Level 5

Longford VTOS

35 Weeks

Course Aims


Bookkeeping - Manual & Computerised (5N1354)

Induction - Common Awards

Customer Service - 5N0972

Word Processing - 5N1358

Database Methods - 5N0783

Spreadsheet Methods - 5N1977

Payroll Manual And Computerised-5N1546

Teamworking 5N1367

Business Administration Skills 5N1610


Education: The learner who has either successfully completed a programme leading to a Level 4 QQI Certificate OR can demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with NFQ Level 4 will be eligible to apply for entry to this programme.

* Aptitude: In order for the learner to have a realistic chance of achieving the standard of a Level 5 award, it is expected that the learner should be able to: • Proficiently read, draft,

prepare and understand information across a broad range of topics, for example, in relation to a community concern or a work based plan or solution • Proficiently read, draft, prepare and understand quantitative information • Solve predictable problems, independently, and as part of a familiar and less familiar group • Demonstrate a range of practical and cognitive skills and tools • Act with a considerable amount of responsibility and autonomy • Attend timetabled classes for the duration of the programme • Complete self-directed hours of learning in the form of practice time, preparation, study time and reflection time, as appropriate • Participate in all programme related activities • Participate in work experience, as appropriate